For the first time in Nepal’s history, a viable and sustainable in-country simulation center is possible, which is also affiliated with the American Heart Association to develop and advance medical care in Nepal.

Center for Medical Simulation (CMS), is a new (2014) organization whose main objective is to train medical professionals using simulation techniques. As such, the center is well-capitalized to establish and operate it according to international standards.


Using simulation to improve safety, education and quality in health care.


Our vision is to develop training to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare in Nepal and set a standard for education through simulation based clinical training.


  • To help trainees experience the real life scenario through Hi-tech manikins.
  • To prepare doctors and nurses for challenges in the foreign countries/ abroad.
  • To provide a platform for higher standardized education.
  • To improve the quality of health care system and promote patient safety.
  • To enhance knowledge of early access, early CPR and skills to perform in cases of emergencies.
  • To help develop critical thinking.
  • To recognize and initiate early management of pre-cardiac arrest state.

Meet The Chairperson

Mr. Ram Awatar Agrawal

Meet The Founder

Mr. Rajesh Agrawal

Our Team

Dr. Bishwas Pradhan

Prof.Jeju Nath Pokharel, MD

Ms. Srijana Kansakar

Ms. Manika Maharjan

Ms. Lochan Upreti

Ms. Binda Shrestha